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NANO AGTIVE® mask with excellent functional properties, reusable, antibacterial, antiviral, washable, disinfectable, two-layer with a filter pocket and a clip for fixing the nose.
NANO AGTIVE® SPORT mask per head (not behind the ears) with the possibility of adjusting the attachment, reusable, washable, with a filter pocket, with a wide range of uses and great features. Protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog that holds tight.

Anatomically designed and snug functional masks in size for men, women and children. The cut is maximally adapted to the shapes of the face. Of fine polypropylene or polyester knitwear containing silver nanoparticles. It wicks away sweat, guarantees comfort in sports, work and leisure, but also comfortable travel and cleanliness for a long time. It is easily breathable and can also be used all day long. The active substances, ie silver / zinc ions, are contained in the entire volume of the fiber, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies. The mask has CE certification - a medical device.

NANO roušky

Multifunctional tube scarf NANO AGTIVE® reusable, washable, double layer with filter pocket and
AGTIVE® SPORT with a wide range of uses and great features, reusable, washable, adjustable, with a filter pocket. Protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog that holds tight.

It will accompany and protect you in all your activities in sports, work, leisure and also on your travels, where its properties stand out the most.

The fine fiber used is almost non-absorbent, which draws your sweat to the surface of the knitwear, does not get cold on the skin and does not scratch and thus does not irritate the skin.

Silver, which is contained directly in the fiber polymer, actively reduces the growth of bacteria and thus provides permanent and long-term protection. The active substances, ie silver ions, are contained in the entire volume of the fiber, they are safe and do not cause allergies. You do not have to wash our products after each use and thus you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

Funkční šátky



Our medical products nano mask, nanoscarf meet the standard EN 14683 + AC according to the requirements of the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of 22.2.2021, including the update to 1.11.2021 and others on the obligation to wear a respirator or similar respiratory protection device on 25.2.2021.

We recommend adding nanofilters to achieve 99.9% filtration. Masks and scarves are products made of materials and nanoparticles, antibacterial, antiviral, two-layer. By adding a nanofilter, you create a third layer and the mask / scarf provides protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog.

Our masks are not made of fabric or home-made. We manufacture from proven materials according to the standards valid for protective medical devices.

All certificates, including the cited standards, can be found in the links in the product description or in the article: Certification

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