Disinfection of scarves and masks

Practical and proven procedures for washing, disinfecting and sterilizing agtive® multifunction scarves and face masks

Nanoparticles - silver ions contained directly in the fibers of polypropylene / polyester fabric provide permanent protection against bacteria. There are are zinc pirithione nanoparticles - ions used in SILUET and SPORT materials.

Repeated washing does not limit or reduce this antibacterial protection. It is important to use detergents with no or minimal perfume. The fabric softener must not be used to maintain all of the scarf.

After using an antibacterial scarf or face mask to protect the physical transmission of bacterial cultures, mycobacteria, viruses and spores, the product can be cleaned and disinfected (sterilized) by one of the following methods:


  • 60 ° wash (we have tested the nanoAgent resistance to 90 ° wash without any signs of negative changes)
  • microwave for 1-2 minutes max. power (dry product)
  • microwave for 3-5 minutes max power (dry product)
  • ironing - 1st degree = one dot (70 ° C - 120 ° C): polypropylene, polypropylene + polyester
  • ironing - 2nd stage = two dots (100 ° C - 160 ° C): polyester (+ elastane)
  • boiling (100% polypropylene scarf was cooked for 2 minutes without any signs of damage)
  • use of alcohol over 70% (the scarves were immersed in 100% technical alcohol for 1 minute without signs of damage)
  • SAVO - (the scarves were immersed in undiluted Savo for 1 min without any signs of damage)
  • UV lamp application (not tested)
  • use of ozone generator (not tested)


All the above procedures have been practically tested by us on all material variants of agtive® multifunction scarves or face masks and even some of the above methods exceed the recommended values ​​for handling nanoagent materials (eg washing at 40 ° C, no ironing), we have verified by practical testing that the product will remain free of any signs of damage and with minimal impact on product dimensions.

We recommend applying these procedures to products only when used in conjunction with the COVID-19 epidemic. Product damaged by the above maintenance procedures is not covered by the warranty.

Tested in accordance with the CDC Recommendation: Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities (2008)

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