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We carefully check the goods before packing them, but in exceptional cases it may happen that they are damaged during transport, the order is exchanged or the ordered goods simply do not suit you.
If this situation occurs, please fill out the form below.
We want you to be as satisfied as possible and we will accommodate you, even if the mistake is not on our side.

Personal collection at our office in Brno

We will be very happy if you check the content of the order in person at our store upon personal acceptance. We can then resolve any discrepancies on the spot. If you find that something is missing or left over after receipt, fill out the complaint form or write an e-mail. The staff from the customer department will be happy to solve everything with you.

Delivery of goods by courier and acceptance at collection points

Obvious damage found upon receipt

If you already notice the damaged packaging of the goods upon receipt, do not accept the shipment at all and contact us via the complaint form or by e-mail. We will immediately arrange a new shipment for you (of course, you will only pay postage once) and we will take care of handling the complaint ourselves.

If you are in a hurry for the shipment, record the detected defects with the courier in the consignment note and take over the package. Please keep the original packaging - we will need it for the next complaint procedure, which we will arrange. Even in this case, please fill in the complaint form or write an e-mail.

Hidden damage discovered only after receipt

Damage to the shipment may only become apparent after receipt - for example, it is damp or fragile goods have been broken during transport. In this case, please fill out the complaint form as soon as possible or write us an e-mail. We will immediately arrange the delivery of new goods for you and we will start resolving the complaint with the carrier. Please do not forget to send us back the original packaging and damaged goods - we will need it for complaints.

Exchange of goods / missing goods

If you find out after receiving the goods that something is missing or left in the package, we apologize for it. All you have to do is fill in the complaint form or write an e-mail and we will put everything in order at our own expense. If you accidentally ordered something extra by mistake, it is not a problem to send the goods back to us and we will refund your money immediately.


Other complaints - exchange or return of goods

If the goods arrived without damage, but you are not satisfied with their quality or size, please contact us via the complaint form or by e-mail. We rely on the fact that we supply goods of the highest quality from selected materials made by people in the Czech Republic - but the most important thing for us is your complete satisfaction with your purchase. We can always arrange an individual exchange of goods or a refund - even beyond the statutory 14-day period.

  • 30 days for FREE return or exchange of goods - you can try everything carefully

  • Simply with a complaint form or email - don't forget to provide all the data, especially the order number and your wishes.

  • Free return - to return the goods, request a delivery code from us

  • Bring the package to the nearest Delivery Point Packeta and tell the operator the code. You do not need any other data.

  • Free delivery - we will send the newly selected goods to you at our expense

  • Speed - within 5 working days of receiving your returned goods, we send new ones of your choice


Our customer center is at your disposal whenever you feel that something is not in perfect order, or you just want advice.

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