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agtive® COOL - functional clothing

Especially thin and light functional underwear for men and women. Thanks to its flexibility, it adheres close to the skin and creates your "second skin". The fine knit of soft polypropylene contains silver nanoparticles. It wicks away sweat and keeps your body in optimal thermal comfort during sports, work, leisure and when traveling. It will ensure you a feeling of cleanliness for a long time.

Functional underwear for all of you who like sports and exercise in the summer, in warmer weather and in halls or when traveling, when milder temperatures alternate. Also suitable for all intense physical activities in cold weather, when your body warms up sufficiently.

The fine polypropylene fiber used is non-absorbent, thus diverting your sweat to the surface of the knit, does not get cold on the skin and ensures thermal comfort for your body. The active substances, ie silver ions, are contained in the entire volume of the fiber, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies.

Silver, which is contained in the fiber polymer, actively reduces the growth of bacteria and thus provides permanent and long-term protection against odor.

You don't have to wash COOL products after every use and thus you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)


Used material

nanoagent COOL (100g/m2 - 100% polypropylene with nanoAg - silver nanoparticles) and thus permanent and indelible protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will ensure you a feeling of cleanliness for a long time.

Technical details of nanoagent COOL:

It actively destroys even resistant bacteria and thus prevents the formation of odors. It is made of a pleasant and light material, dries quickly and resists dirt. The material is 9 times stronger than cotton, so it is resistant to mechanical wear. The use of flat seams and overall high-quality laundry processing gives a long service life and utility value. It is not necessary to wash after each use - it saves your time and wallet.

  • actively destroys even resistant bacteria
  • prevents the formation of odors
  • close-fitting anatomical cut
  • non-pushing flat seams
  • pleasant and light material
  • wicks away sweat and does not get cold
  • quick-drying and dirt-resistant
  • resistant to mechanical wear
  • 9x stronger than cotton
  • long service life and utility value
  • it is not necessary to wash after each use

Suitable for:

cycling, nordic walking, indoor sports and games, work activities, leisure and travel, trekking, water sports, hiking and all other outdoor activities during the warmer season.


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